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Monday, May 9, 2011

"Sapientiam Sapientum Perdam" - Apostle Paul

A phrase meaning "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise", taken from "The Closing of the Western Mind" where it is quotes to illustrate the early Catholic church's need to change the model of greek logical thought and rationalism in place at the time of the church origins, in order to establish a new hierarchy.
The author's conjecture is that any feud between "religion" and "science" is primarily and historically caused from the "religion" side, not the "science" side.  This more or less aligns with my perspective, as I believe that science would have to accept a devine master if that was the only or best available explanation for observations and experimental data.  Religion, by definition, cannot accept the absence of a creator, though it has shown an ability to adapt interpretations of static source material to explain away conflicts that arise thorough experimental data.

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